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UK Visa Refusal

The UK immigration laws have become stricter and more complex after the COVID-19 pandemic. This has increased the number of refused UK visas who are unable to comply with the visa requirements. Today, applying for a UK visa has become a very time-consuming and expensive task for an individual. This makes a visa refusal from the Home Office a very irritating and devastating experience. With the increasing number of immigrants and the prices of visa applications, it has become really important to get a successful visa application right in the first place. As an immigrant, it is always better to get advice from UK immigration experts to get a successful visa.

Common Reasons for UK Visa Refusal

A UK Visa might get refused for a number of reasons. The following are some of the most common reasons for visa refusals.

The applicant is unable to meet the English language requirement test

The Home Office pays huge attention to every detail of your documents and evidence. This means that every document should be drafted uniformly and according to the guidelines. Any small mistake might lead to visa refusal. We recommend organising all of your documents in chronological order and displaying all the necessary information clearly. An immigration solicitor from Osbourne Pinner can provide you with huge help in drafting the documents and go over your visa application to have everything arranged in the correct order.

The application is unable to provide sufficient evidence of relationship (with a spouse or unmarried partner)

This one mainly applies to the individuals trying to apply for a spouse visa. Unable to provide sufficient evidence of the relationship is the common reason for a visa refusal. The Home Office must be satisfied that your current relationship is genuine and sustaining. Thus, it is important to prove that you and your partner have been living together (provide evidence of children as well). You can also show that you have arranged your finances together and have a joint bank account to prove that you are committed.

The applicant has applied for a wrong visa category

The Home Office is very strict if you have made any simple administration error and will penalise you with a visa refusal. Each immigration route (Visa category) provides certain facilities and has particular requirements. You cannot just apply for any visa without checking on the eligibility requirements and purpose. Applying for the incorrect visa means that you are unable to meet the eligibility criteria of the visa. Thus, it will be simply refused.

The applicant is unable to disclose the convictions

It is very important to include detailed information on your past convictions when applying for a UK visa. If you avoid mentioning the details, then it will be simply treated as deception with the Home Office, and your visa will be refused immediately. Furthermore, any deception can also lead to a ban of ten years to enter the United Kingdom.

The applicant has followed improper advice to acquire the visa

The visa process itself is an incredibly complex and expensive process. Handling everything on your own or taking advice from an unprofessional can cause visa refusal. Hiring a professional immigration solicitor will help you go through a visa application without any hassle—their advice and experience far better results than casual advice from friends or family members. Working with Osbourne Pinner can give you that assurance you need for successful immigration.

A Very Long Itinerary

This applies only to the individual applying for the UK Visitor Visa. If you have mentioned a very long itinerary (for example, one month) for your Visit Visa application, then it is very likely to get refused. The United Kingdom is a relatively small country, and you would need only a few days to explore the nation. Thus, having a long itinerary makes your application appear suspicious. Plus, staying in the UK is expensive. You must be having enough funds to justify your itinerary in the UK. A 7-10 itinerary is quite enough to explore the country under the Tourist Visa route.

Not Having a Detailed Legal Representation

The Visa application forms from the Home Office may not have enough fields to add every single detail about you and your purpose as an immigrant. Thus, attaching a cover letter becomes additional support to include every single necessary detail and convince visa officers that you are genuine immigration and have no ill intent. The detailed cover letter should include information about your itinerary for your UK visit, financial condition, travel history, intention to return back to your country, etc. This cover letter should not exceed one use. We recommend writing with bullet points instead of paragraphs so that understanding becomes much easier. It is important to make the letter concise and clear. However, at the same time, try to include as much critical information you can.

Not Disclosing Previous Refusal

Forgetting or intentionally not mentioning your previous visa refusal might lead to another refusal. The Home Office is very strict in cross-verifying information from various sources. Thus, you should use only the real information and disclose any visa refusal from any country. The UK Home Office might cross-verify your information and share it with other countries.

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How Can Osbourne Pinner Help You?

Osbourne Pinner solicitors can help you learn about the real reasons for rejection and submit your immigration visa appeal if you think that rejection was unfair. Our experienced immigration solicitors can help you in the following circumstances:

Administrative Review

The UK immigration policies require the individuals who have received a refusal to make an immigration appeal within 28 days of receiving the refusal letter. This appeal should consist of every piece of valid information to justify why you should be granted a visa. However, if you have entered the country and your visa gets refused, you can appeal that decision. The application refusal letter will tell if you can for another review on the application. You can use administrative review if you do not possess the right to appeal. You can ask for another review of your application got refused, but you’re unsatisfied with the amount or condition of your leave. You must stand for an administrative review within 14 days of refusal.

Oral Appeals

If you want to apply for an oral appeal, you must know that you and your sponsor must provide evidence in the Tribunal. However, if you have applied from outside the UK, you won’t appear in the Asylum and Immigration tribunal. Thankfully, it is still possible for your sponsor to give oral evidence on the hearing day.

Paper Appeals

If you want to lodge a paper appeal, then no one has to appear at the Asylum and Immigration tribunal. The appeal will completely depend on the documentation evidence that you have submitted.

Our Complete Process of Handling UK Visa Refusals

The experienced immigration solicitors of Osbourne Pinner will be guiding you to appeal rejected applications or deportation orders. We have extensive experience in managing complicated judicial reviews in every domain of UK immigration law. We begin our consultation with a review of your initial application to understand why the visa application was rejected.

We take the following steps with each appeal;

Evaluate the Merits of Your Case

Our dedicated team of solicitors will be evaluating every single possibility for appealing the decision by the Home Office.

Drafting Your Case and Submitting Your Appeal

If our team is satisfied with your case, we will start gathering all the necessary information and collect the required documents to lodge an appeal.

Representing Your Case for the Appeal Hearing

When your appeal hearing day finally comes around, our immigration solicitors will be there to represent your case and give complete support in the critical legal process.

Success in Visa Appeals

It is not possible to give a 100% guarantee that every appeal will be successful, but we have an amazing track record of successful visa appeals. There are so many external factors from the client side that might affect a successful visa.

Appeals and Judicial Reviews

It is possible to appeal to the Home Office on your own. However, your chances of success will be very slim. Without understanding how the UK immigration law works, you might not be able to proceed forward without making errors. It is always better to leave such sensitive legal matters in the hands of expert immigration solicitors. We are always here to provide you with exceptional legal advice for UK immigration.

Applying for a New Visa

The immigration solicitors from Osbourne Pinner will help you go through the appeal process and make sure that you can fix the mistakes that resulted in an immigration refusal. After making an appeal to the Home Office, you can consider submitting a new visa application for successful immigration in the UK. Selecting the immigration route completely depends on your personal circumstances and the time duration that you want to spend in the UK. Our legal experts can help you select the most suitable visa for you to enter the country successfully.

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