How the new Recovery Loan Scheme works

The Recovery Loan Scheme, which offers a government guarantee for small business lending, has been extended for another two years. How does it work? Click to Read Article

Shopify Unlocks Augmented Reality for Small Retailers

Shopify has made a few strategic plays over the past couple of months that have started to unlock the potential of augmented reality (AR) for small e-commerce businesses. in June last year, they quietly acquired Primer, an augmented reality startup that specialized in interior design visualization. This news comes on the heels of several announcements […]

Joules founder Tom Joule gets OBE in Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Honours List

The man who turned Joules into the big fashion brand it is today has been given an OBE in the Queens Jubilee Birthday Honours List. Tom Joule started Joules in his hometown of Market Harborough, South Leicestershire, in 1989 after buying 80 percent of the family clothing firm from his father, Ian, who started from […]

Why Must Some Pride Merch Be So Unbearably Cringe?

As June is Pride Month worldwide, it is easy for companies and brands to get on with the “rainbow washing”. By now, brands understand that speaking up about social causes benefits them. There is however a distinction between action and lip service, between community motivation and brand motivation. Here are some tips to avoid a […]

5 reasons a 4-day week could be the future of work

Henry Ford found, a century ago, that people were more productive if they worked five days instead of six. This had an impact on morale, loyalty, and overall productivity. We have to ask though: Why are we stuck on five days? Is this, too, a human invention that deserves to be rethought? Click to Read […]